Image Credit: Valerie Everett

Image Credit: Valerie Everett

Want to get rid of your old motor? There are some important things to remember when selling your old car. Follow the tips below and you should be able to get a great deal that suits both you and your buyer.

When it comes to pricing your car, having an appealing figure will definitely help. Valuing your car can be very handy. It is also worth comparing your car with similar models. Other things to consider are the age of your car, its condition and also the mileage. When you price your car make sure to leave room for the buyer to barter with you.

When writing your ad, making sure it reads well is a top priority. Make sure to really push your car’s strong points to emphasise the value of your used vehicle. However, do not make them out to be greater than they are. You should avoid using complicated terms. Certain features such as rear wheel drive should be emphasized as a point-of-purchase. Include tax and MOT details as well the car service history.

If you do not take great photos, you are unlikely to attract any attention. This is something worth doing properly as it is not very time consuming. Make sure to clean your car thoroughly. When taking the pictures themselves make sure your pictures are clear and sharp. Also make sure there is good lighting. Take pictures of the inside, points of interest as well as an exterior shot of the whole car.

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It is important to make sure your car looks good when you do attract the interest of a buyer. Washing your car creates a great first impression. It is worth spending a good while making sure it looks great. Invest money in cleaning agents or even consider having the car professionally cleaned. Make sure everything is in check –  pump up your tires and top-up your oil and water. Have all the paperwork ready so there is no fuss if your buyer wants to take a look at the details.

You should let your buyer make an inspection of the car before they buy. There may also want to test drive the vehicle. If they do test drive your car make sure they’re insured or at least get insurance for the test drive. Don’t just take their word for it – ask them to show you proof! Don’t leave your keys alone with the buyer. Allow them to make further inspections if they would like to do so.

Most buyers will barter with you, whilst others will be ready to sign the paperwork. Make sure payment is authentic before you hand them the keys. Payment by cheque is especially important, as you cannot get your car back if the funds bounce. Give your buyer a receipt and make sure you fill out the paperwork properly. Lastly, make sure your insurance company know you’ve handed the keys over.

Selling your car doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Follow these tips for a streamlined hassle free process for shifting your old car!