Honda has been known for delivering some of the best affordable hybrid cars. Now, Honda is back with the most affordable hybrid car for the year 2014 with the new Honda Insight that still maintains the title of being the most affordable hybrid car in the US market. Honda revealed that the car will go on sale from tomorrow and will have MSRP starting at $18,725. The Japanese automaker also mentioned that Honda Insight is a fuel efficient hybrid, 5 door hatchback with top safety ratings and some of the best features for drivers and the passengers.

2014 Honda Insight

Honda believes that consumers today are more conscious about the kind of car they drive and therefore the new 2014 Honda Insight gets 1.3 liter i-VTEC gasoline four cylinder engine that is mated with a 10 kilowatt electric motor. When combined together the car delivers 98 horsepower and 123 lb feet of torque. The friction reducing measures available in the car offers better performance to the engine and improves fuel economy of the vehicle. Honda has come up with the new CVT transmission that also leads to better acceleration which is combined with Drive by Wire throttle system. All models of Honda Insight will also have Eco Assist that offers a better feedback system to the driver to get better fuel economy. The new car also gets a better aerodynamic exterior with distinctive front grille and blue accent bar while Honda designers have also added roomy interior options for the consumers that want better space for at least five passengers.